The two biggest challenges

When we start any training to change ourselves – it can be physical, energetic, or psychological change – there are always two main challenges.

Depending on our psychological traits, one of them will be more challenging than another.

The first is getting started.

Getting started with that program implies getting rid of the inertia and comfort zone that we are used to. Some people find it hard to get started with something because of this.

You can be within a comfort zone and don’t want to get out. Doing something new is tricky since it requires adaptation to new behaviors and new ways of thinking.

The second challenge is maintaining the training. This is even harder than getting started, mainly if the training is a long term commitment.

This implies that you’ll need to overcome several difficulties and hazards for a long time.

You are starting a new fitness program that you are committing to for at least one year. During that one year, you’ll have scheduling conflicts, other (more important) priorities, sickness, emotional variations, etc.

Despite all these difficulties, going to the gym the allotted amount of times during this whole year requires a solid commitment.

You’ll find yourself having more difficulties in one of these challenges. Maybe getting started is not much of a challenge, but maintaining it is. Or vice-versa: perhaps you can very easily preserve the training once you get started, but it takes a lot of effort to give that first step.

Regardless of what it is, both Will and Inner Power are the necessary traits that you need to develop for sticking with whatever personal change program.

They can help you find the strength to get started and continue after you do. As long as you keep connected to them, they can be there to help you.

That’s why we place such great importance both on Inner Power and Will in Charisma School. It’s the solid basis for everything else.

To develop these critical skills, start with the course:
>>> 10 Steps to Inner Power

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