Unblocking your true self

To develop charisma, you need to be true to yourself. This is one of the basic guidelines.

You can develop a fake magnetic mask that projects magnetism around you so that people perceive you as magnetic – just like Marilyn Monroe did.

But we want to go deeper than this.

We want genuine charisma. One that is not faked or manufactured but is perfectly congruent with everything you are.

Not a mask, but a way of being.

Being true to yourself comes along these lines, but we often misinterpret it as “This is not me; I’m not changing what I am.” A whole philosophical discussion could be had about what is your “self” in reality. What is “you,” and what is not “you.”

Is being nervous when you’re around others, public speaking a part of your “self”? How about not being able to talk properly on a date? How about not projecting what you truly are inside and instead projecting anxiety?

Maybe you consider anxiety and neuroticism as part of your “self.”

I argue that this doesn’t happen because of your “self.” Instead, it only happens due to internal blocks that were created probably during the early portions of your life that now make you act in specific ways that you would prefer not to. These defense mechanisms generated by your energy, emotional and mental body protect you from what your unconscious considers a threat.

And these defense mechanisms were created the most efficiently they could for that particular time.

Yet, these internal blocks are not “you.” Instead, they are like walls protecting your king inside the castle.

The real “you” is buried underneath layers and layers of different types of blocks. Only by unblocking or releasing them can you actually and truly “be yourself” in all your charismatic shine.

Only when you can let go of these blocks can your genuine charisma come out.

We start this ultimate goal with the course: The Unblocking Process. It’s not only to get rid of the blocks inside but also as a starting point to become truly charismatic and allow your internal “self” to finally come out.

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