Unconscious Projection

Here’s an interesting quote from William Walker Atkinson:

“Before I leave this subject, I wish to explain a certain bit of phenomena, which has puzzled many students of personal magnetism. I allude to the apparently unconscious use of magnetic power, which we so often witness.

For instance, you may be thinking intently of some other person, without any conscious intention of influencing them in any manner, and yet, when you meet the person afterward, or hear from him, you will find that your magnetic currents have influenced him, often very markedly so.

This is puzzling, when you remember that you made no effort to influence the person by the “direct flash” method, and when you remember that the person was far removed from your personal atmosphere or aura. What is the answer you ask?

The explanation is this: By your concentrated attention and interest, you have actively (though unconsciously set the will into motion, and the result is that there has been projected toward the other person a current of your magnetism – a great stretching out of your personal atmosphere in his direction – and he has been affected by it just as if he had been in your presence.

Of course, the other person will not be greatly affected by your currents, unless these happen to be charged with great physical magnetism, and strongly colored by your mental status. But, nevertheless, there will always be some influence exerted, unless, indeed, the other person is more positive, magnetically, that are you, in which case he will not be affected in the least.

So you see, we not only are constantly surrounded by an aura or atmosphere of our magnetic currents, but are also more or less unconsciously sending forth currents of our magnetism into the aura of others, which exert more or less influence upon them.

In the same way, the currents of others are constantly reaching our aura, and exerting more or less influence upon us, unless we happen to be more positive than they, in the matter of our vibrations – or (note this), unless we deliberately use an effort of the will in the direction “shutting the door” on these outside vibrations.”

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