Understanding the Magnetic Duel

Last week we talked about a magnetic duel that happens when two persons meet.

“Whenever two persons meet in business, or in any other relation in life, up to lovemaking, there is this will-fight going on, commonly enough without any consciousness of the struggle. There is a dim consciousness of the result, but none of the processes.””

This is more a magnetic duel rather than purely a Will one. But yes, this is happening; the only question is: are you aware of it?

When you’re not conscious of this duel, you may only have a general feeling about whether that interaction made you feel good. This will be barely conscious, and you may lose your magnetism without knowing how.

Just because this “duel” is happening doesn’t mean it’s a life or death duel, nor does it mean that you should win every time.

You will only indeed lose if you’re not aware of this.

Even if winning is obviously what we want all the time, you are not supposed to win this magnetic duel every single time.

For example, let’s say you’re in any class in school. You will be naturally on the losing side of the magnetic duel since your teacher should have the strongest magnetism in that situation (even if it doesn’t always happen). There’s no problem with you “losing” in that situation and being under the influence of your teacher. You will reduce your magnetism and allow yourself to be influenced. Even if you lost the magnetic duel, your magnetism might come out stronger in the end – if it’s a good teacher.

Or, any meeting between two friends should be a switch between winning and losing. Sometimes you are the one on top; other times, it’s your friend. If you are constantly winning, then you are not doing any favors to your friend, and you might wonder if it’s a real friendship or if you want to validate your power. The same thing happens the other way around.
True friendship should be a switch between winning and losing this magnetic duel.

In other situations, there’s a time to win and a time to lose. Even with great magnetism, you want to avoid constantly winning this duel. The important aspect is not winning all the time. It’s being conscious of this magnetic exchange and knowing how to navigate these different energetic dynamics: when to win and when to lose.

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