Undoing energy marks

A reader asked about last week’s post about the energy marks left in us:

“What would be the solution of undoing these energy marks which get impressed upon us by outside influence?”

There are two points to the answer:

The first is about the energy marks you already have. You’ll need to deconstruct them to create a new reality and a new energy.

You can do it by learning about your energy and mind. You need to look inside.

What’s happening inside your body?

What energy centers are you activating or contracting in different situations?

How is your energy moving?

Once you know the answer to these questions – and more – you can start to deconstruct your energy system.

The deeper your (experiential) knowledge, the deeper you can eliminate unwanted energy marks.

The second point is about observing and developing your attention and intention to avoid more unwanted energy marks.

We live in a day where your cell phone controls your attention and algorithms control what you see. If you are comfortable allowing an app to decide what you see and hear, you shouldn’t do anything else.

Otherwise, it’s crucial to control your attention, impulses, notifications, and everything else you see and hear daily.

To dive deeper into your energy awareness and control, start with the course:
>>> Advanced Energy Science

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