Unfolding negative events

There will always be situations in life that we cannot control.

Sometimes these situations will change the direction of our whole life. Such is/was the case with COVID for many people, and such is now the situation with the war in Ukraine.

Many people had their lives turned upside down in one day, threatened with their very survival.

Something like this could happen with any of us regardless of where you live and regardless of your political thoughts.

Neither of us is free of some major negative event entering our lives and completely changing them.

In most cases, you won’t know what that event is, but you do need to be prepared for a major blow. Wherever and whenever that may come.

This is where all your training will be put to the test, particularly inner power and Will.

These skills make a major difference when these types of events happen. You’ll have to deal with very strong negative thoughts and feelings, do things you never imagined doing and muster all your Will to protect yourself and others.

If you had asked me 5 years ago whether most of us living in modernized countries, would ever have to gather such high inner power and Will, my answer would be no. We would need to develop them to a strong and good enough level to handle life’s ups and downs and that would be it.

Now, watching world events unfolding, my answer changed.

It’s now becoming very important to be prepared for everything.

And this means developing inner power and Will to a high enough level to be able to handle anything life throws at you – including major shifts.

If you weren’t yet developing them seriously, it’s now, more than ever, a good time to do so.

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