Unleash sexual energy in others

One interesting effect that some students of sexual energy noticed was that, as their own sexual energy grew, people around them got more of it as well.

In other words, the growth (and projection) of their own sexual energy unlocked it in others, even without any effort in that regard.

For example, a CS sexual energy student noticed it in a woman he was dating. When they met she had no sexual energy (or very weak sexual energy).

But he liked her. And so he continued to date her.

Since his sexual energy was already strong to begin with, this woman started to absorb it as well.

Little by little, she became extremely sexual.

From zero to hero applies here.

They are now a couple of two very sexual individuals. Thanks to him and his development of sexual energy. Otherwise, she would still be in a sexual black hole.

This is a fairly common occurrence.

As you live in this new sexual state, it’s inevitable that others can feel it.

It’s irresistible.

Just like a taste of a powerful drug. Then, they simply want more.

I’m sure you’ve experienced these kind of energy transmission in other situations.

If not sexual energy, then maybe it’s someone who just made you feel more adventurous: meaning, when you’re with this person, you just do a lot of crazy stuff that you wouldn’t normally do. And if you hang out a lot with this person, you’ll just be transformed as well.

Other situations can happen, as many leaders of our human History have shown.

Sexual energy is no different.

As you develop it in yourself, you can also effortlessly develop it in other people you regularly interact.

Such as is the power of this energy!

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