Unleashing magnetism

Nothing changes in your energy system unless you allow it to change.

It’s very easy to say you want to change. It’s must harder to ALLOW it to actually change.

You may do hours of daily energy exercises. Have an intense commitment to energy mastery and magnetism. Yet, all these exercises won’t help you if you won’t allow them to come through you.

To be magnetic, energy must be allowed to move through you. Your movements must have a magnetic quality. The same with your words, your thoughts and any actions.

This is often the harder part for students to understand.

It’s not only about the exercises, it’s about allowing the energy to work through you constantly. The more the better.

This often means giving up the INTERNAL RIGIDITY you may be used to.

This internal rigidity is staying stuck with the same energy quality inside without allowing it to move. In other words, you feel the same.

It’s like you are a British Royal Guard. Staying stuck in the same place without moving.

Yet, any kind of magnetism, just feels different. It’s not rigid, it’s fluid.

It’s like it’s coming from a different place.

You learn how to feel and develop your personal magnetism with the Charisma School exercises. Yet, only you can unleash it. Only you can allow this energy to manifest externally.

And that’s a crucial part of the process.

Understand and train your energy system with the course:
>>> Vitality and Energy Training

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