Using Dark Charisma

Charisma always influenced others ever since the beginning of recorded human history.

Charismatic individuals always got their way one way or another and could easily achieve their goals.

Unfortunately for all of us, a charismatic man without any logic or reason in his side, can overpower a non-charismatic man with all the right facts and reasons.

This is not something that I’m making up. You can see examples of this all throughout history.

We call this the “dark charisma”.

Hitler was the best known example of the “dark charisma”.

Using charisma simply to fuel the ego and doing harm, without any kind of regard for higher values.

Completely against what we defend in Charisma School.

Is it possible?

Sure it is.

Even with Charisma School teachings?

Yes it is. Our teachings are like a knife. You can simply use it as a tool for your kitchen or you can use it to harm someone.

But is it desirable?

I’m not so sure about that. Because while you can definitely achieve your goals with that “dark charisma”, sticking with them happily, is a different matter.

Just look at how all these people with “dark charisma” end up with. Not very happy endings.

I wholeheartedly believe in the law of Karma. So one way or the other, you’ll pay for your “dark charisma” and your negative actions.

Sometimes, toning DOWN your charisma while in the presence of something greater than yourself is the right thing to do.

The good news is that once you start training your own charisma and magnetism, you also become much more inoculated against the charisma of other people.

In other words, they don’t influence you the same way as they influence everyone else. This is an obvious advantage in the world since you are able to see right through them and their intentions.

So, charisma is not only a tool that you have at your disposal to achieve your goals in life, but it can also be a self-defense technique.

Become sensible to the energy in yourself and in others while developing a powerful form of charisma with the Vitality and Energy Training:

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