Using Magnetism to create new realities

It can be a great tool to change everything in your life.

You can create a magnetic state of being where there is clarity and power in which you simply “know” that you will get what you want.

The reality you desire is automatically attracted to you.

You know you already have what you want.

Even if you have no idea on how you’ll get it.

That is why the results you can achieve with this training can be referred to as “magical”.

Yet… “Magic” is a word we normally use to describe a result that we don’t understand using the knowledge available to us.

When you finish this training, you won’t use words like “magic” or “miracle” at all!

Simply because your sense of how “reality” works will have grown.

You understood the underlying mechanism of why some people can easily get what they want, and why others work hard and nothing happens.

It’s no longer “magic” or “miraculous”.

It’s simply day to day life. Creating your own luck becomes a part of you.

That’s what we train and develop in the new Charisma School training:
>>>Magnetic Manifestations

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