Using Magnetism Vs Being Magnetic

There’s an important distinction you need to keep in mind; using magnetism is not the same thing as being magnetic (or having personal magnetism).You can successfully use energy or magnetism in all sorts of different applications – with the most common one being in healing and certain kinds of meditation – but not have personal magnetism.

Energy control and awareness – as important as it is – is not what defines personal magnetism. It’s surely a very important component of it, one that you must have (as we’ve discussed in many previous articles), but there’s more to personal magnetism than energy control.

That’s why the vast majority of qigong or tai chi practitioners are not necessarily magnetic.

They use energy and have a strong awareness component, but there are other elements which are needed for personal magnetism.

Especially if these practitioners don’t complement their energy training with the necessary mind change – that masters demonstrate perfectly – it’s hard to develop personal magnetism.

The mind change to a magnetic mind quality or inner power is the root of personal magnetism.

Everything else is built on top of this inner power. If you are not developing it in an early stage of your training, everything will be built on top of quicksand.

While you don’t need to have a perfect inner power to train your energy, it’s important to have a certain ground work already established as it will greatly increase your energy control and awareness.

That’s why we heavily recommend the 10 Steps to Inner Power training. It’s the ideal first course to prepare you for all the other interesting and fascinating journeys into the energy world.

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