Using the natural forces around you

Here’s an interesting quote by William Walker Atkinson:

“Many students of the occult have sought to keep from the general public a knowledge of the fundamental principles of the great law of nature underlying the phenomena of Mind Power.

They have claimed that it was “dangerous” for people generally to know that such a force existed and could be used. They have held that such knowledge should be carefully guarded by the few, and that its very existence should be denied to the many. This may have been good reasoning in the earlier days of the world, when the masses were grossly ignorant, and when the only knowledge was locked up in the minds of the caste of priests and other leaders of the race. But the argument no longer applies, for the general intelligence of the race has refused to allow any locked doors in the Temple of Knowledge, and has insisted that all doors be thrown open to them. The result has been that a considerable body of occult knowledge has been opened to the gaze of the public, and they are clamoring for more.

People should be instructed regarding this force; its laws and operation; its intelligent and proper use, with
directions designed to protect people against its improper use against them, on the part of others—this latter a most important matter in these days of occult and psychic investigation on the part of the public, and the attempted base and selfish uses to which some are putting the occult mental forces of Nature.

It is too late to deny or ignore the existence of the mighty mental force in Nature that underlies the various forms of phenomena that go to form the outward phase of Mind Power, good and bad.

The race has always recognized the existence of a mighty force of Nature which man has employed, consciously or unconsciously, in the direction of influencing his fellow men; other forms of life, and even the so called lifeless things around him.

In the earlier days this use of the force was called “magic” (black and white); mystical art; divine power; miracle; fascination; charming; enchantment; wonder-working; necromancy, etc., and in its more base and evil uses, black art; witchcraft; sorcery; voodooism, etc. For it must be remembered that this great force of nature is capable of base as well as of noble use.

Like any other great natural force—like electricity; the power of explosives; steam; the X-rays; radium, etc.—this great force is capable of the highest and most beneficial uses by man when properly applied and is also capable of being applied to the most harmful purposes. Different as are the results arising from the varying applications, the force is the same in each case. The forces of Nature are not possessed of a sense of good and evil — their function and purpose is to act in obedience to the laws of their nature without regard to the question of good and evil to those by whom, or against whom, they are employed. This may seem like a terrible thing, but a moment’s thought will satisfy you that it is true of all natural forces, and the question of good and evil, and its reward or punishment, belongs to another plane of life.

But, it may be asked, why do I wish to inform the public about a force, unknown to many, which is capable of evil as well as of good use and results. The answer is simple. Ignorance is no protection against anything, for the knowledge is always possessed of the few who may use it on the ignorant many without suspicion; the greater publicity is given to a thing, and the better it is understood, the better may its good effects be obtained and the less the danger of its improper use—forewarned is forearmed. If a thing is good, the greater publicity given it the greater the good—if it is evil, the brighter the searchlight turned upon it, the less danger is there attendant upon it.

This force has come to man just when he most needs it. He has used the so called mechanical forces to clear away the obstacles that Nature put into his way in order to develop him into a Man, and now he turns to higher forms of energy and work—he is crying for new worlds to conquer. And these new worlds will be conquered by
the mind, rather than by the muscle. Great things are before the race, and one of the greatest forces in Nature in the work of the building up of the Super Man, will be this force called Mind Power. By it man will be enabled to fight off the forces of ignorance and materialism, and to draw to himself knowledge from the Universal Mind that will enable him to accomplish the heretofore Impossible.”

What Atkinson is referring as “Mental Magic” is what we are training here in Charisma School overall.

That’s what we want to master: natural forces that we can all use to “clear away the obstacles that Nature put into his way in order to develop him into a Man“.

A “Man” as a superior being (regardless of being men or women) that can use these natural forces to the extent of his full power. Instead of simply being swayed by the influence of others, we want to use our own Will to achieve our purposes.

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