Victorian Will Vs Charisma School Will

There’s an important difference that often gets confused in the terminology.

You may hear or read about Will and Will power in these articles and have an idea in your mind about what is it.

Unfortunately it’s often the wrong idea. And so it’s important to clarify.

When most people think about “Will”, they think about the “Victorian Will”, which is a type of repressive Will. It’s like you just repress whatever you are feeling and push it down so that you can do whatever action you need to do.

You may feel a strong desire to eat that forbidden food, but because you’re on a diet, you simply try to look away and push that desire into a hole. You still feel the desire, but you are just avoiding it.

It’s called “Victorian Will” due to the stern repression and morality of the Victorian era.

Needless to say this approach will make the desires return with a force! So you may avoid eating that burger on Monday, but on Friday you’ll be there eating 4 of them!

In Charisma School, Will has a different connotation.

You are connected with the true source of your Will in a way that unifies body, mind and energy, so the desire doesn’t affect you or you don’t even feel it.

Sometimes you may feel that desire to eat that forbidden food but you don’t repress it or tuck it away. You feel whatever you are feeling without repression and connect with your source of Will to just let it move pass you.

Often times, when you live in a state that is constantly connected with your Will, the desire not even shows up. The connection of mind, body and energy is simply far greater. You have a resolve to follow that diet and so your mind not even sends cravings your way because it knows it’s useless.

This happens with many people who decide to give up smoking (even after 20 years of daily smoking) and they throw away their cigarettes one day without any preparation or technique, and never touch them again.

I’ve met many of these cases and they rarely get relapses or even a desire to smoke again. Their resolve to quit was so great that they unconsciously connected the body, mind and energy around that goal. So the cravings didn’t even showed up.

While there are plenty of people with a weak resolve and weak connection of their body, mind and energy, who may quit for a week or a month, but end up picking up the habit again. And this repeats for years or decades.

It’s not like the “Victorian will” of the first group is greater than the second group. They are not resisting anything. They just had a firm resolve and a strong body, mind, energy connection around that goal.

That’s the Charisma School type of Will and what we discuss on the “Act of Will” training that is a bonus for most of the other trainings.

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