Visualization vs Will for feeling energy

Many students have experimented with energy techniques based on visualization and came across disillusioned as to their ability to actually use energy.

It’s perfectly normal.

Visualization based techniques for energy are only useful when you already have a firm grasp as to what energy is and how it actually feels.

Otherwise it’s very easy to fool yourself into thinking that you’re actually doing something with your energy when it’s only your imagination.

Energy has precise feelings inside of you. It’s not an illusion. You feel it the same way you feel when you are cold, or hot, or when you burn yourself at a stove.

It’s as real as that.

If you are only “visualizing” something, it only gives you a weak type of feeling.

If you are now cold and you simply visualize being at a beach, you may have some hot reaction, but in general it will be too weak to make an actual difference in your body temperature.

The same is true with energy overall with the difference that most people don’t actually know what energy feels like (and nearly everyone knows what is being hot and cold).

That’s why our Vitality and Energy Training uses mostly a “Will” type of method to feel this energy. No visualization involved.

Visualization (for energy training at least) is only helpful AFTER you know how energy feels like and how to use your Will to elicit it in your body.

Then you can powerfully join ENERGY + WILL + VISUALIZATION and achieve great results.

But don’t get me wrong. I’m not bashing visualization in general. It can be quite a useful tool when you know how (and why) to use it.

For example it we use it heavily in the Concentration and Mind Control training, in its different forms. Both in a traditional concentration training and in the powerful Tratak.

But you should be very careful how you actually use it regarding energy training so that you don’t spend a lot of time just fooling yourself.

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