New Charisma School Training

There’s a new Charisma School training called:“Vitality and Energy Training

This training focuses mostly on two points:

1) Achieving a high vitality, feeling great and with enough energy to do more and be more, with the development of Subtle Tension Energy


2) Developing energy sensitivity and the ability to move energy in your body.

There is one thing missing in most people who try to take any course on energy, regardless if it’s a Charisma School training or any other that deals with the subtle energies:

It’s the awareness of these energies.

Maybe you just just try to do your best without truly understanding what they you feeling or worse yet, you don’t feel anything.

But how are you supposed to work with any type of energy if you can’t feel it?

You can’t. Naturally, this way, the energy work has little to no results.

The kind of work done in the Vitality and Energy Training was precisely what I’ve done many years ago, when I told Fabricio:

“But I can’t feel much when I’m supposed to feel energy!”

That simple sentence was enough for him to immediately put me on this training to change my sensitivity to all the subtle energies that run through my body.

And needless to say that after this training, I never again had any issues with feeling or manipulating energy!

All the remaining exercises became much easier and my magnetism grew accordingly!

We replicated the exact training I went through live to an online curriculum.

Without it, it’s very hard to advance in anything related to energies: be it sexual energy, the magnetic gaze or personal magnetism.

It’s hard to successfully use these energies, especially the advanced applications, without the knowledge of how to feel and move energy.

Especially with an energy as subtle as the… Subtle Tension Energy (pun intended!).

Subtle Tension Energy, which we dive in depth into this training and it’s the key to a life filled with vitality and vigour, as well as to personal magnetism and charisma!

Learn all about how you can increase your vitality in the new Charisma School course:

“Vitality and Energy Training”

All the information here:

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