We are always projecting

We always project our energy when we speak, move, or look at someone.

Everything you do it’s a projection.

Even if it’s only by phone. Words are sounds, and as such, they carry energy and vibration.

They could be infused with vitality or completely flat when energy weakens.

We can say the same thing for the gaze.

There’s a vibration and energy behind the eyes, as all cultures can attest to when they say the “eyes are the windows to the soul” or even curses like the “malocchio” – the evil eye.

But you project what you have inside. Not exactly what you want.

We may say that we’re trying to project sexual energy, but if that’s not what you have inside, then others will feel nothing.

If you are not sexual, it’s very hard to project sexual energy.

You need to connect with your sexual energy – consciously or unconsciously – if you want to project sexuality.

Most sexually magnetic individuals are not exactly aware of their sexual energy, but they don’t need to. They already have it and naturally, project it.

The problem with most of us is that we don’t have the energy we want to project, OR our projections actively block that energy.

Hence, other people don’t feel what we want them to feel. Which could be personal magnetism or sexual magnetism.

That’s why we need to go through the aware route. We need to know what sexual energy is; we need to feel and develop it inside. We can start working on externalizing it only when we are connected to it.

That’s what we do in Sexual Energy Mastery (developing sexual energy internally) and Become a Sexual Man (working on its projection).

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