We are not projecting pure energy

We often think that we are projecting or channelling pure sexual energy.

Like we can connect with the pure source of sexual energy – or whatever energy we are connecting with.

But that’s not exactly right.

As much as we would like to think that we are channelling pure energy, we’re not. It’s always tainted in some way by our own energy.

Which means that my sexual energy is different yours. Not better or worse, just different.

We could be both be doing the exact same exercises, yet I would be getting a different type of attraction than you.

And that’s ok. It’s completely expected.

When I’m doing the exercises to develop sexual energy I naturally mix it up with my own natural energy, which has its own qualities.

My energy could be active or more soft or quiet and so forth. It can have different characteristics. That’s why the end result of the sexual energy that I’m developing will be different.

But there are common traits to sexual energy; otherwise we wouldn’t be able to say it’s sexual energy or wouldn’t have any sexual effects.

My sexual energy could be more of passionate and loving nature and yours much more raw and animalistic. Either way it’s good, since it’s based on your own natural energy.

We can change these qualities, although the easiest and more straightforward path is to go along with our natural tendencies.

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