We Influence Each Other

Hector Durville, one of the grandfathers of magnetism, wrote:

“Thought comes to us from the outside in the form of wave like movements, having originated in one or more brains before. These movements are perceived by our nervous system and transmitted to our brain which vibrates with it and reproduces, mostly automatically, the very same thought. This foreign thought is combined with ours and puts our astral matter in vibration. These vibrations will transmit at a distance, by waves, a movement of a new thoughts, more or less original and coated, as I said before, with an imprint of our individuality.

You could say that the space is filled with impressions, desires, intentions, even good and bad projects that move in all directions, and that we attract or repel by virtue of this law of similarity and affinity that I formulated: “thoughts of the same nature attract each other; thoughts of opposite nature repel each other”. There is, therefore, an exchange of thoughts from others to us and from us to others, in such a way that, constantly night and day, during sleep, which is even better than during waking, we receive and send influences which gradually shape, modify and change our way of being. Thus, it is partly due to outside incentives that we end up becoming what we are: good or bad, happy or unhappy.

Happiness is not a favor from heaven, and misfortune is not its punishment; but the first condition is only the apparent sign of a strong and superior individuality, while the second is the index of a weak and inferior individuality. Let us know, therefore, that we make our own destiny ourselves, because nature is subordinate to us if we know how to dominate it; she is the faithful servant of our will, she follows the movement that we give her and does what we want her to do. If we want to be energetic, we draw energy from it; if we want to be brave, we take courage from there; while constantly agitated by passions, if we have no energy to resist it, we inevitably become the toy of the forces around us.

Therefore, we should say: “I want to do this. I want to do that”, and to repeat it enough to establish the idea, because we become what we want to be. Today we are what we wanted to be. The principal way is in the thought suitably directed by the will.

“Thought”, says Atkinson in his book “Thought-Force”, “plays a decisive role in human life. It acts around the individual. It is the thread that connects him to its fellow men, and on which are gathered, to mingle and merge into a single current, all the energies of the environment”.”

The importance of your thoughts are not to be underestimated. Durville, Atkinson, Holmes, Mulford… every single one of those authors say the same thing.

Remember that their conception of thoughts encompasses all of your bodies – which includes energy, emotions and physical!

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