The Weird Concept of Energy

It’s interesting how many people still doubt of this esoteric concept of energy.

I understand where they come from, but when you start to observe – both inside of yourself and outside of yourself – and increase your own awareness, you just can’t explain the different and weird types of feelings that are generated inside of you using some simple energetic techniques.

This is the same process the ancient yogis used to develop their efficient systems of personal development, spiritual evolution and healing. By consistent internal observation, reflection and experimentation.

There weren’t any external high-tech tools for them to measure their ECG, EEG, skin conductance, fMRI and so on.

The only solution was through an increase of body and mind awareness.

We can’t help but be amazed when we reflect on the kind of awareness one must have to have discovered the meridians on TCM, or the chakras and the nadis on Yoga, among many others.

Or the kind of meditative traditions that we are now only scratching the surface in modern scientific research.

And most importantly, the discovery of ways we can influence our body, mind and energy by techniques and exercises.

Maybe now, these types of energy systems and mental techniques are relegated to some sort of new age mumbo-jumbo for most people, but once you actually follow the same awareness development and internal observation, you can’t help but be amazed on your internal movement and changes

Although you do need a boost in your awareness.

In the over-stimulating modern world, any internal change must hit you like a ton of bricks. Subtle energy changes are often not strong to be felt by the average individual.

Most people barely know how to listen to their own bodies anymore. Just ask someone to describe the difference from an asana practice from an afternoon jog. They will stumble or have a speech filled with generalities. Yet, the energetic effects are completely different.

That’s why you need a training in awareness. To get to the point where you are sensitive to the subtle energy changes on your body so you can then influence them to where you want to go.

A simple example is sexual energy. How can you improve your natural sexual attraction without knowing what you are projecting? Without feeling your internal energy?

Or personal magnetism. How can you increase it without increasing tension energy in you?

All of this rests on the shoulders of powerful energy awareness.

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