What a man thinks, he becomes.

In New Though movement, we consider the the power of thought as a spiritual power. The basic rule is:

What a man thinks, he becomes.

What a man thinks attracts to him his circumstances and environments.

As Henry Thomas Hamblin said:

“By thought man either blesses or curses himself. By it he brings into his life either success of failure, health or disease, happiness or unhappiness, poverty or prosperity”

This is the principle behind the popular book of “The Secret”. This lead to many people “changing
their thoughts” as in: “let’s think positive”.

Yet, it’s only one part of the story.

There’s the second part that it’s barely mentioned. Continuing with Henry Thomas Hamblin:

“Within ourselves is the cause of the disorder in our own individual world – for we each live a little world of our own creation – therefore, the disorder and trouble that afflict us, or the lack that restricts our life, can never be overcome, save by a change of mind, habit of thought and mental attitude.

This last part is where the true key lies:

Chance of mind, habit of thought and mental attitude.

I would also add a change of behavior.

Changing your thoughts to positive ones is of course essential and we talk extensively about it on the 10 Steps to Inner Power, but this must be accompanied by a change of mental attitude and behavior.

It’s very easy to fool yourself into thinking positively while never truly changing the mental attitude or your behaviors.

By mental attitude I mean the precise energy behind your thoughts. If you are “thinking positively” but in fact the energy behind your thoughts is very negative or depressed, then no amount of positive thinking will help you.

For change truly happen in your life you need not only to change your thoughts, but also the mental attitude and behaviors.

That’s why we, at Charisma School, did a whole course just for that:

10 Steps to Inner Power and Self-Confidence:

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