What are you doing now?

In the same way that our thoughts and energy are not walled in – as we discussed in the previous email – your physical and verbal actions leave a mark both in you and the world.

Your energy is constantly modified by your actions, thoughts, behaviors, and energy. Everything is continually leaving its mark on you.

You can never be isolated from those consequences at different levels.

If you see a violent situation on television, it will leave a slight mark on your energy.

If you participate in an actual violent situation, the mark deepens.

Regularly participating in these violent situations will make the mark much more profound.

The more we are mentally and energetically involved in an action or behavior, the stronger that mark will be.

That’s why we are what we see, what we hear, what we think, and what we do.

Everything is constantly leaving this mark on us.

You may think it doesn’t hurt to be browsing youtube for a couple of hours. But that shapes your mind and energy, mainly if you do it repeatedly.

Once you realize this, you’ll understand the importance of being very observant of your actions at any given moment.

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