what are you making people feel?

You may do thousands of exercises a day or read every book about magnetism, but the most critical aspect is always: what do you make people feel?

This is what you should keep your focus on. Are you making others feel good?

If you aren’t, you need to start there. If you are repulsing people (making others feel bad), you must understand the cause.

The exercises are not a magic pill.

The exercises are only a tool to increase your sensitivity to the energy you are projecting (and that others are projecting) and start to change what you project – such as the work of Inner Power and Will and other energy exercises.

But the most crucial part is the feeling good aspect.

This is hard to do when you are monotonous, dull, depressed, angry, etc. You only need to recall situations where you’ve been in the presence of someone like that.

Naturally, we all have swinging moods. Sometimes we’re feeling great; other times, we are feeling bad. That’s expected and normal.

But magnetism can be considered an average of those times. If you are constantly depressed, your magnetism will also be like that, even when you’re feeling better. If you are a very enthusiastic person, your magnetism will reflect that even when you are feeling down.

Your magnetism can also be modulated to different feelings. Such as with sexual magnetism, you make people feel sexual when in your presence. You need to know it, enjoy it and develop it within yourself before making others feel that way.

Many students think of magnetism as a magic pill, but it’s as simple as making others feel good (or sexual) with your presence.

Of course, if you don’t feel good about yourself, it’s a lot harder to make others feel good about you. If you are not already enthusiastic with good feelings, how can you expect others to be?

It would help if you always kept this aspect in mind. The goal of magnetism is to make others feel good in your presence.

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