What Are You Thinking?

An important concept to be aware about is what are you thinking about in your own day to day life.

Your thoughts, what you say to yourself, your inner voice… these are the most important influence on your magnetism, energy and charisma, and yet… they are all completely under your own control.

There’s no one else forcing you to say something. Also, you don’t need to be someone else or to put on a social mask.

No, it’s your own internal private world. You decide what you say in there.

As you might expect, a constant negative presence inside of you will not help in getting any type of magnetism or achieving any of your goals.

Instead you will be your own worst enemy.

The same way your body is made by what you eat, your mind is made by what you think. If you create a positive environment inside your mind, you will flourish. If you create a negative environment, you will struggle.

That’s just the way it is.

What if you have a reason to have a negative inner voice? What if you have a hard life to deal with?

One more reason to be EXTRA attentive to your own inner voice. Particularly if you are undergoing a rough patch or if you are having negative events around you.

Do you think special ops military inside a war zone can afford the luxury to have a negative inner voice in those stressful situations?

Only if they have a death wish.

Those who thrive in these environments, need to maintain an absolutely positive mind. That’s the only way out.

It’s not about ignoring your energy and your own emotions – which is one possible reason that leads to situations like PTSD – but it’s also not about creating negativity, which is what many of us tend to do on a daily basis.

Dealing with our own inner world and creating a positive mental environment is an important part of the training course 10 Steps to Inner Power.

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