What changes with personal magnetism

Here’s an interesting quote from Henry Durville, one of the “fathers” of personal magnetism:

“As soon as the magnetic personality begins to develop, after a few weeks for the most privileged, or a few months for those who are less fortunate, one experiences a high degree of self-esteem, conscious dignity, confidence in oneself so that the fear or anxiety ceases or, at least, diminish, to a certain extent. Hope grows if you already had some and newly appears if you were hopeless. A new era arises.

By bravely persevering in this path of development, we realize that all the above qualities are growing, and that others, which we did not possess, are beginning to manifest.

Since the physical and the mental are always interdependent on each other, as this internal modification takes place, we observe a corresponding modification of our external being.

Our physique changes in a way that is noticeable for everyone; our movements become more graceful, more confident, more noble; our gaze is more powerful, while being, softer and more pleasant to others. We become more compassionate. Our presence is more enjoyable. Our advice is better listened to and we are sought out more than we did before. It is a personal influence which begins to develop; it is the mental life that comes out of childhood to reach adolescence.

By becoming more aware of this development, we can better understand the great truths; we begin to feel that we are conquering our faculties, that our destiny belongs to us and that we can direct it towards the goal that our moral freedom allows us to choose.”

As you can see, the training of personal magnetism is a much deeper development than simply being able to influence others. It’s a complete and radical life change with profound changes in your body, mental and energetic constitution.

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