What determines your place in life?

Here’s an interesting quote from William Walker Atkinson:

“You remember the saying of the sacred writer: “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”. A truer statement never was uttered. For every man or woman is what he or she is, by reason of what he or she has thought. We have thought ourselves into what we are. One’s place in life is largely determined by his Mental Attitude.

Mental Attitude is the result of the current of one’s thoughts, ideas, ideals, feelings and beliefs. You are constantly at work building up a Mental Attitude, which is not only making your character by which is also having its influence upon the outside world, both in the direction of your effect upon other people, as well as your quality of attracting toward yourself that which is in harmony with the prevailing mental state held by you.

Let a man come into your presence for the purpose of doing business with you and if he lack self-confidence in himself and the things he wishes to sell you, you will at once catch his spirit and will feel that you have no confidence in him or the things he is offering. You will catch his mental atmosphere at once, and he will suffer thereby.

But let his same man fill himself up with thoughts, feelings and ideals of Enthusiasm, Success, Self-Confidence, Confidence in his proposition, etc., and he will fairly radiate success toward you, and you will unconsciously “take stock” in him and interest in his goods, and the chances are that you will be willing and glad to do business with him.

Avoiding all theories on the subject, I state the general principle that a man’s Mental Attitude acts as a magnet, attracting to him the things, objects, circumstances, environments, and people in harmony with that Mental Attitude.

If we think Success firmly and hold it properly before us, it tends to build up a constant Mental Attitude which invariably attracts to us the things conducive to its attainment and materialization.”

This is directly related to what we have been discussing this week.

Keep in mind the bold sentence above. The Mental Attitude Atkinson is discussing are not just the thoughts, but the ideas, ideals, feelings and beliefs. It’s a combination of different internal phenomenons.

It’s a very important concept.

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