What do you feel inside?

In the beginning of my own practice, I misunderstood A LOT about what actually is the sexual energy or the tension energy or the Will state or pretty much most of the internal states.

In other words, what I *thought* was tension energy ended up being something else entirely. And I was completely off the mark as to what it actually was.

This is a fairly normal experience.

After all, there’s an inherent difficulty in explaining exactly what energy feels inside, as well as other mental states.

It’s a largely internal experience which has no concrete representation on the outside.

When I talk about an apple, I can show you an apple, photos or videos of apples. You’ll know exactly what it is.

But, for example, how do you explain to other people what is having pain? (Other than “it hurts”) Or being happy? What exactly do you feel when you’re happy? Have you tried to explain that?

There’s no external representation of these states and energies. It’s all internal.

It’s like when you try to explain what an apple tastes like.

This is the main difficulty in learning (and teaching) anything related to energy and mental states.

The exact explanation of what they should feel like.

Although there are many traits of the energy and mental states which may be subjective, the way they generally feel are fairly the same.

Sexual energy doesn’t feel much differently in me than it does in you.

The way it behaves and moves inside may have a few differences; the situations where it arises may be different, but the overall feeling tends to be the same.

But I may have a subtle awareness of these feelings so that I can explain them more accurately, while you may feel them in a much more “lumped up” way.

That’s why it’s important not only to do the exercises, but to strive for a bigger awareness as you do them.

So that you gain a greater insight of what you are experiencing.

It’s not enough to just blindly do the exercises the same way every single time, as if it’s a routine like brushing your teeth while you’re thinking about the movie you just saw.

This way the exercises won’t be very fruitful for you.

Cultivating the awareness of what you are doing and what are you feeling during the exercise will give you an increased insight of the very experience of the energy and your internal state.

Then your practice and its real world results will really take off!

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