What if it starts to feel a little overwhelming?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Sometimes it starts to feel a little overwhelming. How do we handle those times? It starts to feel like it’s too much. Just continue to push through it?”

We’ve all been there.

I’m sure it already happened to you as well. That feeling that you have too much on your plate or you’re juggling with too many balls.

Too many things happening. And too tiring. You wonder if you can handle it or if it will end.

Some persons like this feeling. They like to feel overwhelmed and busy with no time for anything else.

Many of us, don’t.

And now the question arises… should you suck it up and just push through it?

The answer is: it depends.

It depends on your situation. Is this just a phase? Is it something with an end in sight?

Maybe it’s a temporary situation where too many projects or events or problems piled up on top of each other.

If so, for sure, push through it. Gather your strengths and overcome it.

It’s the correct time to use all your inner power and will state to the maximum of your ability to make sure your focus is spot on this whole time. That’s exactly the reason of why you train. To overcome difficult situations like this.

When it’s done, then rest and recover.

Yet, if this overwhelming feeling is not a phase, but in fact it has no end in sight… then you know some changes should be in place for your life.

It’s not about pushing through it anymore. If you are constantly overwhelmed – and you don’t WANT to be -, then something else is at play.

Maybe it’s your mental perception of what is happening.

Or maybe there are really too many things on your plate.

You need to reflect on how it happened. How did you end up on that situation?

Can you avoid it in the future?

What’s your ideal and realistic lifestyle? (Having billions of dollars and living on your private island with your jet at the door is probably on an alternative reality for most of us)

And most importantly how can you get out of your current situation? There’s always a way out, even when it doesn’t seem like that.

The best alternative is sort out one thing at a time – one situation/problem at a time -, always with the focus on the goal which is to find a more suited lifestyle for you.

Either way, inner power is constantly present. One way or another you need it to work through the overwhelming feelings and handle the load.

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