What is being authentic?

There is much talk these days about authenticity and being authentic.

Being authentic is thinking and behaving according to your own Will.

That’s it.

Nothing more nothing less.

However… if you attempt it, you’ll realize that actually doing it is not so easy.

It demands breaking the conditionings of our mind, our social conditionings, the conditionings of our body, emotions and energy, among many others.

On most cases, we know when we’re not acting accordingly to our Will. We know when we are doing something forced by society’s conditionings or through our own mind’s conditionings.

For example: as we discussed yesterday about watching netflix or youtube all day. This type of behavior is related to a complete automatism of the mind and not a connection to the Will. It’s necessary to break the automatism to re-connect with the Will and actually accomplish meaningful actions for you.

Another example: a toxic relationship with a friend or family member. It’s a relationship that constantly brings you down yet, for all kinds of society’s (and emotional) conditionings you don’t end it or change anything.

These are only two examples out of hundreds!

In fact, NOT being connected to your Will (hence NOT being authentic) is a lot more common in our society.

You’ll see that once you start to act according to your Will, many things change in your life. It’s common for those who go through Charisma School trainings to go through these growing pains. Losing friends (that don’t support our growth), changing careers, losing relationships. All these are – unfortunately – common.

So your change won’t please everyone.

Those who used you and tried to control you, will accuse you and try to bring you down. This is where your Will must be in full force to break the old conditionings of manipulation and emotional blackmail.

But at the end, when you establish a solid connection to your Will, you are in fact, reinventing yourself: to a more authentic and honest version.

This is something we believe very strongly, that’s why all Charisma School trainings (and specifically the 10 Steps to Inner Power), are trainings on being authentic: in thinking and behaving according to your Will.

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