What is Charisma?

Here are a few charisma definitions from an online dictionary:

“A spiritual power or personal quality that gives an individual influence or authority over large numbers of people.”

“A rare personal quality attributed to leaders who arouse fervent popular devotion and enthusiasm.”

“A personal attractiveness or interestingness that enables you to influence others.”

“Extraordinary power and appeal of personality; natural ability to inspire a large following.”

A power, a personal quality, or a natural ability is the dictionary charisma definition. You can recognize those who have it, but you can’t say precisely what it is. You can’t define it accurately except by saying it’s the “IT” factor.

If you ask 100 psychologists, psychiatrists, academics, or sociologists, the charisma definition will always be different. It’ll always be dependent on the background of the person giving it. Maybe some will deny the “spiritual quality” or “extraordinary power” because they don’t believe in that. And that’s ok; that’s their belief. The fact that no one can deny is that there is an unexplained quality that, in certain people, it’s viewed as charisma.

In our school, we will take the dictionary definitions above since this describes it more perfectly for OUR framework.

Most people say that if you weren’t born with it, you’d never have it in your lifetime. And until now, you would probably believe in this since the books or products that claim to teach you charisma don’t have any helpful advice, just common sense tips like smiling more, being well groomed, watching your body language, etc.

How many people were transformed into more charismatic individuals because of these pieces of advice?

Maybe they changed into more pleasant people to be around, but as mentioned by the definitions, this is not charisma.

Sorry to disappoint you; you won’t develop any significant amount of charisma by following any of those tips, and that’s why you won’t find anything like that in this school.

Hitler and Mussolini rarely smiled, yet they were charismatic.

Jim Morrison could be dressed in a ragged t-shirt and jeans and still command all the attention in a room.

Why does this happen?

Because charisma is solely determined by internal factors so you can’t fake it with external factors like body language or clothes.

As described above, charisma is an “extraordinary power,” a “spiritual power,” and a “personal quality.” Do you think this can be faked by buying new clothes or smiling more?

These external cues can give you only a temporary feeling of charisma, but it’s not charisma; it’s only “fake charisma.” Nothing inside you has changed; your beliefs are the same, your “spiritual power” is the same, and your personal qualities are the same… only your clothes or body language changed briefly.

For each charismatic person who smiles a lot, I’ll tell you two others who rarely smile.

For each charismatic person who’s well groomed, I’ll tell you two others who dress like bums.

For each charismatic person who cares about others, I’ll tell you two others who only care about themselves.

You’ll see that the clothes, the body language, how you communicate, and your beliefs all depend on your style of charisma that we will help you unleash. That means that all the external cues are variable and dependable on the person.

Our mission in this school is to help you unleash your natural charisma, buried under layers of limiting beliefs, unconscious and energetic blocks, years of negative self-programming, and inefficient relationships with others and yourself. After that, aside from being a completely new person released from your old blocked self, you’ll also be one of the most charismatic and highly persuasive persons anyone will ever meet.

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