What is Dark Sexual Energy?

The same way we have discussed about dark charisma (here and here), we can be more specific and discuss about dark sexual energy.

When you normally use sexual energy – the way we teach it – you inevitably awake sexual desires in people around you.

People end up feeling sexually drawn to you.

That’s perfectly fine, considering that you have, at the very least, a modicum of personal values and ethics.

But some people don’t have the slightest of these personal values, and have a dark nature within themselves.

They want to get ahead in life, regardless of the costs and suffering of others.

When you don’t truly care about what you’re doing to others, you are entering the realm of dark energy.

Particularly, when these negative individuals master the art of sexual energy and create their own (dark) sexual magnetism, it can be quite problematic for all those who need to interact with them.

A dark sexually magnetic individual ends up using sexual energy like Satan himself would use it.

He (or she) pumps up the sexual and desire nature of other people, so that they can give in to him, even if it goes against their best judgments.

So there’s an even deeper amplification of your sexual desires, a very raw and animal nature – so you can fully give in, without logical and rational thought.

Then acting from that place of amplified desires, this dark individual uses it for manipulation purposes, often against the best interest of the person.

“White” sexual energy has an overall good and well being type of nature where others simply feel good – and sexual – while being in a presence of a person with this energy.

This is what draws people in.

It’s a very nice and warming (sexual) feeling that simply draws people in.

In “dark sexual energy”, there’s an over-indulging type of feeling just like when you know you are eating too much candy or drinking too much, but at the same time you can’t stop.

There’s this addiction type of feeling in the other person.

As you might expect, what goes around comes around.

Pretty much all those who I’ve met who developed this type of dark energy didn’t had a happy ending for one reason or another.

Besides, “white” sexual energy it’s a lot more pleasant for everyone involved – you included.

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