What is happening inside of you?

When you are sexually aroused, there are plenty of energetic movements inside.

These movements are nice and pleasurable. That’s why everyone feels good when they are aroused!

Everyone feels the pleasure and seeks this feeling quite often.

You don’t need to be an energetic master or have any energetic awareness to feel it. It’s very obvious.

But, without energy awareness, you feel all these movements and feelings as a sort of bundled together.

You sense it as one “aroused” feeling instead of the several different minute energetic informations that are happening.

You feel as ONE instead of MANY.

It’s only when you develop an awareness of the energy that you start to understand why this is a great feeling and what is really happening inside, differentiating the internal events.

And particularly, noticing the energetic movements more in depth. You start to know exactly what is happening inside.

What’s the use of this knowledge? Why should you care to know it? Why shouldn’t you just enjoy it as is?

Even if you don’t share my uncommon interest in understanding the energy body, there is an important reason to do it:

When you are aware of it, you can also change it.

When you are NOT aware, you don’t know what to change.

You can notice different feelings that are contaminating this energy, and that’s why people may not be attracted to you.

Of your energy gets stuck in certain places, creating blocks and hindering your ability to actually project this energy externally. Probably making people not even seeing you as a sexual individual (ever heard the typical “Let’s just be friends”?)

You can also increase this very same energy inside of you, making quite a strong sexual appeal.

None of this can happen when you merely feel everything just bundled together as everyone else does. Then you become subject to the whims of whatever happens inside your body.

Instead I propose that you develop the ability to CONTROL it and you can learn how to do this in Sexual Energy Mastery training.

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