What is the engine of your inner power?

Yesterday we discussed about the energy of a physical space. And in fact, it’s something important and worthy of consideration.

Yet, before you hire some Feng Shui expert to change your whole house, you need to consider a much more important aspect.

Although your energy is in constant interaction with the outside world (both persons and spaces), it’s also in dynamic movement and transformation inside of you.

And, if inside of you, your energy is already mostly negative, don’t expect a positive energy from the space around you to change your own internal energy (permanently at least).

It can help. That’s true. But it won’t create a permanent change.

Just because you are living in the most peaceful house on the top of the Himalayas, it won’t mean that you will be happy ever after.

The scenery and overall space can help, but it won’t be enough.

Your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and overall energy are the engine of your own well being and inner power.

In other words, if you are constantly feeling negative in your life right now, don’t expect a move to the top of the Himalayas to make you feel less negative on the long run.

I’m obviously considering that you are living a fairly normal life, and not the genuinely toxic living situations some people live in, like living with someone who constantly puts you down.

This type of toxic situation is something to be handled as soon as possible and may need a physical location change.

For the rest of us, without these type of toxic situations, there’s a clear a problem of our own mental habits and overall mindset and not a problem of location.

Negative mental habits, inner voice and beliefs, will constantly create tainted experiences in your life and overall detrimental internal feelings.

That’s why we give so much importance to it in our Inner Power training.

It can negatively influence all aspects of your life, especially your own energetic and magnetic development.

You won’t be able to project healthy sexual energy – for example – with a mind filled with negativity.

That’s what we handle in our initial 10 Steps to Inner Power course: a control over your mental processes and the development of a healthy internal state that is fully prepared for any kind of energetic training.

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