What magic is this?

Yesterday I’ve told you that when you are too much inside your own head, ruminating over repeated problems you will feel drained of energy.

Regardless of how many energy exercises you do, it will never be enough.

But there’s an important point to make here.

You can be completely inside your own mind and not waste a single “drop” of energy. Even if you apparently don’t do anything on the outside.

Or your can even be studying the whole day, having a very active and reflective mind and feel alive the same way. Not having wasted any energy.

How does that magic works?

If you are doing the same thing – thinking, reflective over problems – why is it bringing you to different results?

This shouldn’t have been possible. After all, the activity is the same.

But not quite…

It’s not really the same activity. Or at least, not in its qualitative terms.

Maybe the amount of time you’re spending thinking is the same, maybe you question and think to yourself the same way… BUT the quality of your thinking is completely different.

It doesn’t have the same negative connotation. It’s not something that you DON’T want – and hence you are resisting it. Quite the opposite, you’re doing something you WANT to be doing – hence everything flows as it should.

When you are thinking about a serious personal problem, it’s something negative, it’s something you want to get rid of. Hence, you resist thinking about it. You resist that problem.

That thinking activity is one of friction, of resistance.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that you’ll drain a lot more energy this way.

But when you are studying something you WANT to be studying (not something you are being forced to study either by yourself or someone external), you are not resisting. You accepted it fully and want to be doing that.

The tiredness you eventually feel at the end of the day, is a “good” tiredness. Just like when you finish a great workout.

It won’t drain your energy because you choose to be doing that. It was something you WANTED to be doing.

All students of Will Mastery understand this perfectly and experientially since this is one of the foundational stages of the Will and inner power.

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