What prevents your sexual energy from flowing?

The reaction you have to sexual energy is often more important than the actual cultivation of sexual energy in itself.

Sexual energy is there inside of you right now. If you can just accept it, access it and project it as is, you wouldn’t need much else to get a good amount of sexual attraction.

But only seldom does it happen like that.

It can be quite a challenge to access this amazing energy since most people have layers and layers of blocks that prevent this unrestricted access to sexual energy.

What happens in the projection is that you get a drop of sexual energy and a flood of your own emotional, energetic and bodily traumas mixed in.

So, sexual energy ends being hidden away inside of yourself.

It’s rarely about the energy in itself. It’s much more about your own blocks.

These blocks can come in several ways:

a) Physical
It will be hard to access any sexual energy inside if you have a muscle armor in certain muscle groups that get tensed each time you are in a sexual interaction.

It doesn’t allow any kind of flow of energy in your body. Physical tensions are the most obvious layer of blocks – and often the easiest ones to release.

b) Energetic 
This is not exactly a muscular tension but it has a similar “feel” to it.

It’s like there’s an impediment for a fluid circulation. A barrier that stops energy from flowing smoothly.

It’s more subtle, but it creates the same destructive effect.

c) Mental 
A mental block is related to certain thought patterns that prevent the energy from circulating or from generating inside of you.

d) Emotional 
Emotional blocks are actually a “compilation” of several different blocks.

They have different types of manifestations (physical, energetic, mental). These emotions are traumas from a past age that got stuck inside of you until the present time.

Once most of these blocks are cleared, you are able to access an unrestricted flow of sexual energy and work with it very well since you are unlimited in your projections and movements. Hence, the attraction you get from any kind of simple and easy technique is mind-blowing.

When these blocks are mostly gone, there’s nothing between you and sexual energy and so, you become a beacon of it that sends it out to the world like a lighthouse. As you might expect, this has tremendous benefits for you.

Our work in courses like Sexual Energy Mastery and Become a Sexual Man work in depth into clearing all these blocks as well as teaching fundamental skills in sexual energy.

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