What you are hiding, hinders your magnetism

Last week we talked about how you are broadcasting what you are trying to hide. You’re actually bringing more attention over what you considered “faults”. But that’s not the only thing that happens.

What you are trying to hide is also hindering your magnetism.

A good personal magnetism needs expansion of energy. Your energy must be going outward.

That’s what creates a nice personal (or sexual) magnetism.

When you are trying to hide something, you are preventing some part from going out. The energy contracts instead of expanding as it needs to.

If you don’t want to talk about something, or you are attempting to hide something, it’s like you are grabbing your energy and stopping it from getting out.

If you are training your magnetism projection but at the same time holding something back, then naturally your projection will be quite hindered by it.

It’s like you are trying to move a boat but the anchor is still there.

You are trying to expand, but you are inadvertently contracting. And of course, it won’t work.

Until you are free to expand, magnetism won’t be projected at will.

I remember what I’ve also written before: it’s not about talking about everything with everyone. There’s nothing wrong with NOT wanting to broadcast whatever it is from your life.

It’s about not being afraid of doing so and not actively trying to hide it. This only happens when you have fully accepted it and there’s no energy associated with these thoughts in your mind.

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