When **** hits the fan!

We’ve all heard the saying:“When there’s a Will there’s a way”

And that’s one of the biggest issues of those trying to undertake any kind of personal improvement program.

You can start with a high degree of intensity, with a big amount of motivation, yet, after a couple of weeks, a month at most, it all goes down the drain.

It suddenly disappears.

It’s not like your Will has disappeared. That’s impossible. But your initial motivation has vanished.

And that’s not the Will. It turns out, you weren’t using your Will to begin with.

You were just using an initial surge of motivation.

The use of the Will only comes later.

Especially when it’s cold in the morning to go outside and do the exercises. Or when you have other things in mind that now seem to have priority. Or when you need to choose not to go watch a movie and instead do an exercise.

When you truly have no motivation and no energy and still do what needs to be done, that’s when
your Will shows its true face!

Only after the initial enthusiasm has passed.

Anyone can do anything when the motivation and energy is fully pumped!

The hard part is when you don’t feel like it and you seem to have more exciting things to do.

That’s when you truly know yourself and your Will.

Start your personal magnetism journey and the development of your Will with the “10 Steps to Inner Power” training:


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