where is your attention?

Where you place your attention and your energy, that is what you’ll manifest.

That’s an essential key for everything related to manifestation and magnetism.

The combination of attention and energy largely determines what you’ll get in life.

For example, do you want to get rich? Make sure you place your attention on making money plus having an expansive and abundant type of energy. Fill your energy with the money desires, and it will be inevitable.

It won’t work if you focus on making money, yet you still have vampiric energy. You may even achieve money, but you won’t hold it for long.

Both energy and attention are part of it.

Although, in all fairness, we can say it’s all about attention. The problem is that most people will equal this with “thoughts” alone.

“I will think about making money, and it will come.”

This can only happen if you know how to think. It’s not just about having money thoughts or visualizing yourself with a pile of money on top of your head.

Energy is a large part of it. Thoughts without being accompanied by the correct type of energy will be futile. Or worse, they can create internal conflicts.

This is why you must be aware and train your attention and energy.

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