Which magnetism is the best one?

Following the last post where I mentioned the different types of charisma and magnetism, a common question is:

“Which magnetism is the best one? Or which one should I develop?”

I can’t answer this question for you as there’s no right answer.

Or putting it different terms: the only person that can tell you the right answer is you.

If I knew you, I can tell you based on your own natural energy which type of magnetism will come more natural for you, but only you can know if you want to develop that or choose something else.

We all have certain affinities in terms of energy. Maybe you are more prone to sexual energy and sexual development or maybe to the Will.

You’ll see it very clearly as you start certain types of exercises and trainings. They will simply be a lot easier for you. The exercises seem fluid and the energy seems to come naturally.

While others will be faced with more blocks, problems and issues.

Even still, there’s no right answer here since you can choose to develop further this more natural type of energy – should be an easier path – or you may also unblock the other type of energy (the more problematic one) for a systematic buildup of energy.

You may want a complete development of different types of energy.

All is well.

But it’s up to you.

You choose what type of energy and magnetism that you want to develop. Particularly because they all have different outcomes.

A magnetism strong with the Will is completely different from one focused on sexual energy. The outcomes and what will be elicited out of other people will also be different.

There’s not one magnetism better than another. They all have different strengths and weaknesses. Although you may develop a balanced approach to the different energies.

Either way, one development that is necessary for all types of magnetism is Inner Power. And that’s what we recommend to start with, and that’s why our initial training is always:
>>> 10 Steps to Inner Power

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