Why are you constantly drained?

Often I see people working, or doing chores and tasks but without any intention or commitment to them.

They are doing them for the sake of doing, with no real energy put into it.

This raises many questions for me.

When I’m doing something, I’m doing it with my full focus and intention on it. I’m not thinking about what I’m going to have for lunch, or what I am going to do tomorrow. I’m focusing on the current task: whatever that may be.

Maybe it’s writing this email to you or maybe it’s washing the dishes.

My commitment to the task and intention is the same.

Why? Why should we do it like that? Why put a strong intention in something you don’t really care about?

That’s the whole problem: not caring and/or not owning what you do in your life and your own decisions.

When you decide to do something – whatever that something is – it’s important that it’s YOUR decision. You’re not doing it because your boss told you to do it, or because you are forced to do it to make money.

Fortunately slavery is abolished these days and I assume no one is holding a gun to your head, so the decisions are all yours.

Whatever that reason is, you decided to do a certain task. And when you make this decision, you are having an act of Will.

Doing any task where you are only half-committed or are doing it just for the sake of doing, will only drain your energy.

You will feel worse after doing it, not better.

So it’s already bad enough that you are forcing yourself to do something you don’t want to do, but it will also drain your energy afterward.

That’s why so many people are feeling drained, low on energy, low on power. If you are constantly doing things you don’t want to do, then yes, your energy is constantly being drained.

But how about those tasks we all need to do that we would prefer not do it? Like walking the dog on a rainy stormy night? Or a project that you boss demanded you to do? Or washing the dishes when you prefer to stay watching tv?

If it’s something that you know it must be done – whatever that reason is -, then own the task that you are doing. Do it with all your intention, Will and focus, and you will see that not only you will feel better during the boring/forced task itself, but you’ll also gain energy at end to do other tasks that you want to be doing. You gain extra motivation and energy because you are owning your own behavior. As opposed to losing energy by doing it without any commitment and against your Will. When this happens it’s like there’s a battle of Wills inside of you. The problem is that this battle will drain you. Regardless of who wins, you always lose.

It’s a lot different when everything aligns in the same direction.

In Will Mastery we focus on having this full focus, intention and Will on everything you do in life!

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