Why Aren’t you Changing?

There’s a key issue that is stopping people from changing. Whether this change is one of inner power or personal magnetism or other kind of change, the problem is the same.It’s an important situation that is sabotaging your efforts to change anything about you.

The problem is: holding on to your previous identity.

You want to change but at the same time you don’t want to let go of your previous self. And that’s perfectly understandable. After all, your previous self helped you navigate through the world until now.

But to evolve and change what you want to change, you have to stop being “yourself”. You need to retire your old self, and allow a new self to come through.

A new self with new behaviors, new inner feelings, new beliefs. You want this new self to be much closer to what you want to be.

Common sentences I hear on many different situations, especially when faced with though exercises, is:

“But this is not me”


“I’ve always been this way”


“this is not natural to me”

Well of course it’s not.

The old “you” is not magnetic. Or, the old “you” is not what you are trying to change. If it were, you wouldn’t need to change anything or do anything different. You would already have achieved your goal.

But considering you’re not there yet, you need to adopt different behaviors and different ways of doing things that will feel “weird” or “unnatural” to you – especially at the beginning.

It will seem like they are not “you”. And in fact they aren’t. That’s why they call it change.
After a while of doing those different behaviors, having those different thoughts and beliefs, they will simply be the new normal.

So, there’s a decision you must take when faced with this work, or any kind of inner change work.

Do you want to let go of your old self and make room for the new self? Are you willing to feel “uncomfortable” and “unnatural” as this change process is undergoing?

If you always do the same things you always did, then you’ll constantly get the same results. If that’s fine with you, then great! Keep up as you’ve been doing. Otherwise, make sure you go out of your comfort zone and embrace the “weird” and “unnatural” types of behaviors. Embrace a new identity and a new “self”.

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