Why do we want negativity?

In the previous email, we discussed how it’s common to have negative thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and energy.

But we should have discussed the vital part of… why do we do it?

Why do we entertain those negative thoughts that only harm us? Or why do we keep having that negative energy?

It’s mostly for three reasons:

1) We’re mostly unaware of what goes on in our minds and bodies. We have no idea of what goes on inside. We don’t know if our energy is good or bad or the kind of thoughts we have.

We have a vague idea, but more is needed.

We must be very specific about our mind, body, and energy. What exactly is going on?

If you don’t know, it’s hard to change.

2) Secondly, we blindly accept whatever is happening. Just because it’s in your mind doesn’t mean it’s true.

We usually think: “If my mind is coming up with it, then it must be true,” or, “*I* think that way.”

You are confusing your thoughts with your self. And it’s not. Your thoughts, your energy, and your emotions are not you.

They may be inside of you, but they are nothing but a fleeting aspect of your self, as everyone who did 10 Steps to Inner Power already knows and has experienced.

3) And finally, the third reason is that your unconscious will give you what you ask and what you feed it.

When you are having negative thoughts, you are putting energy into them. It’s like you are feeding them, making them stronger. And as such, it excites your unconscious.

Your unconscious thrives with energy – regardless if it’s positive or negative. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is what has energy. Whether that is positive or negative, it’s of no consequence.

You are giving energy to negativity, then you are rewarded with more negativity.

If you give energy to positivity, you’ll be rewarded with more positivity.

Simple as that.

Your energy will go somewhere… you need to ensure it goes where you want it to go.

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