Why do you do magnetism exercises?

Why do you need exercises to develop personal magnetism?

In fact, do you actually need them?

The exercises itself are not magic. It’s not like it’s a specific ritual that you need to perform to achieve magical powers.

Not at all. Exercises are there to make you discover what you can already have.

Mostly, they are a tool of discovery, a tool of awareness.

Exercises force you to look at places you haven’t looked before. Or to open boxes you haven’t opened before.

The boxes were there the whole time. Maybe some of them you know them, maybe not. Either way, they are naturally part of you.

The energy movements you feel in certain exercises, the energy blocks, the inner voice, certain behaviors… they were there the whole time.

You merely looked at the right place and uncover them. That’s all.

The exercises are like a map. They tell you “look a little bit more to the right”. You go ahead, look at it, and find something you never seen before even though it was always there.

I remember how stupid I felt when I uncovered certain blocks that were with me my whole life yet I never noticed them before. But it’s not about being stupid or even distracted. That’s part of the process and we all have these experiences during the training one way or another.

Simply because our awareness was not sufficiently developed. And this is most importantly a training in awareness. A training of self-discovery.

Only after you know yourself, your energy and your mind, can you do the interesting stuff we’re all eager to do.

And exercises allow you to that.

Of course, there are also exercises that are like physical training. You need to repeatedly do them to achieve a certain development of the energy, mind and body.

Not all of them, but some are like that. By repeating them for a certain length of time, certain developments can happen. Just like if you are training your chest with heavy weights repeatedly, you can increase it’s size (I know I’m heavily simplifying it, but the point is similar).

For example, by repeating certain energy exercises your energy increases inside of you.

Either way, the important part for you to keep is that exercises aren’t magical. They are are training wheels and tools for you to uncover parts of yourself that were hidden.

The exercises aren’t doing the magic, you are.

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