Why some people feel energy better than others?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Why do some people feel energy better than others?”

Indeed some people are not as aware of energy as others. They feel very little – whether their own energy or external energy.

Overall, we are between two extremes, those who are not in tune with whatever is happening inside their bodies (and minds).

They are just reacting to whatever happens without understanding why.

If you ask them why they are interacting more with that person in a party, they give you a perfectly logical reason: “He went to the same concert as me last month.”

While the other extreme, are those who seem to be very aware of every little change inside and be very connected to the minute changes of others.

When this is something they were born with, it tends to be a troublesome as they haven’t learned how to control it.

They just feel these different feelings inside without any type of control, so emotional instability is very common.

Most people fall into the middle of these two extremes. They feel something in certain situations but they can’t quite put their finger on what it is or explain it.

They can feel when someone is magnetic or not, they just don’t know why or how it manifests, while someone with a deep awareness of energy can tell you what type of magnetism it is, how it’s projected, what projection sources is this person using, how strong it is… among many other pieces of information.

Or on a different example: most people walk into a room and either feel good or bad, or feel neutral. It’s a very clear cut thing.

While with more energy awareness you get all the shades of grey in between. If the room doesn’t feel good, you understand the type of energy that is there, how it’s affecting everyone inside.

Being energetically aware tends to be a very useful skill in life.

Instead of just reacting unconsciously to the situations, you have a much different outlook toward it. It gives you a choice and a way to control it.

Just because someone is magnetic it doesn’t mean that you’ll allow yourself to be affected by him or her, since not all magnetic individuals are good.

There are those who use it for negative purposes and can easily sway people around them.

If you don’t have any kind of energetic and internal awareness and control, you’ll just feel their magnetism and be easily drawn, with no defence.

While if you are already aware of these hidden energies, you have a choice and can dive deeper into them before allowing yourself to do something.

This is only one example out of thousands.

We don’t know about the actual reason of why some people are born more aware than others. We can only speculate that it’s related either to genetics or to their past behaviors or to some other reason.

But it doesn’t quite matter where you are at the moment regarding your energy awareness: whether you feel much or nothing at all or are somewhere in the middle.

Because it can be trained… regardless of where you currently are or what you currently feel. You can learn to develop this energy inside and outside of you.

This is nothing more than training. And with training you can also learn how to control the energy. You don’t need to simply react to it. You can control its effects in you and choose your behaviors based on it.

Start today your energy training with the Vitality and Energy Training. This is a course that will awaken you to the hidden realities inside of your body.

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