Will and Charisma – Powers never lost!

There’s an interesting book by Gene Landrum called “Profiles of Power and Success”. In it, he studied the personal traits of some of the most powerful and successful people of all time.

He says in his book:

“The only true powers that seldom are lost and are never taken away are charisma and will. These are personal powers that emanate from within.”

This is whole philosophy of CharismaSchool. When you learn the basis of personal magnetism, then no one can take that away from you.

It doesn’t matter how much “bad luck” you have in life, or how many times you fail… you have developed something that comes from within, that is not dependable on anything or anyone else on the outside.

In fact, this is something you work on right from the very beginning of your training with the 10 Steps to Inner Power.

It’s not a coincidence this is our initial course. It’s very hard to develop anything else without it.

With it, you discover the power that you have inside of you, so that it can be used to emanate to the outside using personal magnetism.

Just like when I started, I certainly wanted the sexy energy exercises, I wanted to shoot lightning of my hands!

Yet, you can do all the energy exercises in the world, you can spend you day doing them, but without inner power and Will, you will be a leaky bucket.

If your power continues to comes from some outside source, from something you can’t control – such as outside validation, accomplishments, outside admiration, social circle, job, etc – all the energy that you accumulating will quickly go away when things don’t go your way (even for a brief period of time), because you haven’t learned to generate this power from within.

Your magnetism, charisma must come from within.

So it’s not a coincidence that Gene Landrum associates Will with charisma.

Every single book that talks about personal magnetism and charisma will have in some way a section on Will.

It’s your very center of power. The source of your magnetism.

Something that only depends on you and no one else.

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