Will your magnetism change throughout life?

Here’s an interesting question from a student:

“Does your energy quality change throughout life?”

I can also re-phrase this question to:

“if you are charismatic, can you become normal and lose your charisma?”


“if you have sexual magnetism, can you lose it?”


“if you don’t have sexual magnetism, can you gain it”

And the answer is yes to all of them.

Yet, your energy tends to be relatively stable throughout your life. Most people live and die with the same energy quality they always had.

Changing your energy quality is not easy, especially without a specific training.

It can happen with some sort of traumatic event, or lifestyle change. Or slowly over time as you change your habits. Let’s say you have an intense charisma, then over time you get involved with the wrong people, develop bad habits, drinking, and so on. Most likely your charisma will be reduced if you maintain this unhealthy lifestyle.

It’s easy to prove this. Look at celebrities. Their life is all over the news. In some of them this transformation is very evident. You can notice how in the beginning of their career, their charisma and sexual magnetism are off the charts, yet, as the fame and money start to show their ugly side, you can visibly see their energy changing for the worse.

They are no longer the same charismatic and magnetic individuals they once were.

The opposite also happens.

The more you change your habits, inner power and energy through a training and daily regime, you can also change your own energy, increasing your charisma and magnetism, changing your life for the better in the process.

It happened to me and to many other Charisma School students.

But, both of these situations are exceptions. Most people just continue throughout life with the same kind of energy. It’s simple to figure this out. Look around you, to your family and most of your friends. Most likely, 90% of them remained with the same type of magnetism all the time that you’ve known them.

If they were already magnetic, they maintained their magnetism. If they weren’t before, they still aren’t now.

That’s the normal situation.

So, the energy, just like everything else in you, is malleable, but will tend to remain fixed unless you do something to change.

That’s great news for proactive people like you and me!

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