Will specialization

An interesting phenomenon that often happens is what I call Will specialization. This is when you can apply the Will in certain areas of your life but not others.

Let’s say that you never skip a gym session, yet you struggle to work on your project every day.

Or maybe you can work on your art every day, but you struggle with going to the gym a couple of times per week.

It’s widespread for something like this to happen.

The situation is that you may be more motivated to work on some things rather than others. So maybe you don’t need much effort to go to the gym, but you need a lot more to work on your projects.

Certain activities are a lot easier for us. And that’s ok.

But this also means that you need to activate your Will a lot less to go to the gym than to work on your projects.

You probably think you only need the same amount of Will for both, but that wouldn’t be correct.

You will need to work more on your Will in certain situations and activities than in others.

This “unbalance” is normal and expected and something that you need to work on.

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