Will State and the Superior Mental Power

It’s not the first time I talk about the Will State in this newsletter. It’s an important concept that is not developed enough in any current or past text of magnetism or energy training.They talk about superior mental supremacy and superior states of mind but there’s no practical (and working!) techniques to get there.

The Will State is a complete obedience of your mind and body to your Will. There’s no anxiety, no nervousness, just an Act of Will. What you intend to do, your body, mind and emotions obey.

As you can imagine, it’s a very useful state for all kinds of situations in our daily life.

How would your life be different if what you wanted to do you really did it with no interferences from your mind and body?

How would you feel if your mind and body were in your full control? Control over pain, control over procrastination, control over anxiety?

How would you feel if all the influence techniques you learned before now work 100x better due to a superior mental supremacy?

You can see this in the traditional Samurai suicide ritual of Seppuku. Historic texts have mentioned their calmness and steady mind at the same time they are disemboweling themselves.

This is a state for which they train all their lives since a samurai must have a have deep connection to their own Will in order to achieve the deep fighting and respect skills they have.

Yet, there are easier ways to achieve this state other than a lifetime of self-discipline and full time training.

There’s a much easier technique for you to understand and develop this superior mental state. And it won’t take you decades of training either (maybe two weeks!)

Since this is such an important concept, all Charisma School students – from all courses – now have access to this special training.

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