Your Will as the ultimate power

The British politician Benjamin Disraeli said:

“I have brought myself by long mediation to the conviction that a human being with a settled purpose must accomplish it, and that nothing can resist a Will which will stake even existence itself upon its fulfillment.”

The training of the Will is one of the most fundamental trainings you can have. All the authors who speak about Personal Magnetism agree to it.

Your sensations, your emotions, your passions, your thoughts, your unconscious movements, can be transformed and enlightened by the power of your Will.

Everything in your body, mind and spirit can be under the control of your Will.

And the good news is that it can be trained and developed to greater heights. People with strong Will aren’t naturally endowed by Nature to a strong Will. They trained themselves to have it.

Just as you can to!

Training of the Will is really the process of providing it appropriate mental and energetic instruments that encourage its full expression and manifestation. Since the Will is always there, it’s up to you to activate it and give it the necessary tools and paths for which to move.

Its training consists – rather of an increase of a power – in transforming a latent and static Will into an active and dynamic one. The Will is already there. You can’t increase it or decrease it, but you can activate it.

The beginning of any Will training is the hard part, because you actually need Will to train the Will. So you need to start with whatever modicum quantities you may have and bootstrap from there. The good news is that once you get it into motion it gets easier and easier. Once the pathways are established for the Will to move inside of you, it can flow easily.

In other words, the first few exercises and trainings will be the hardest. But once you’re used to doing them, all the others come much easily. It’s like you start by building a highway… but once the highway is built, the cars can just effortless flow through it.

You may think that you would need to live a strenuous, hard and “pleasure-less” life if you want to develop and train your Will.

Far from it.

It’s on the Will that you find your true freedom.

What if you don’t HAVE TO smoke that cigarette, eat that cookie, behave weakly in the presence of someone stronger, be shy in the presence of the opposite sex or be nervous when public speaking?

What if you have a choice?

What if you can decide, not out of simple raw desire – because you NEED TO or HAVE TO -, but out of true conscious choice – because you WANT TO – eat that cookie?

Isn’t this a more empowered life?

That’s what we train in the 10 Steps to Inner Power.
More information here:

>>> 10 Steps to Inner Power

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