Will, Will Power and Will State

Here’s an interesting question from a reader:

“I am curious how you would define the difference between willpower, the will, and the will state?”

Indeed these three concepts can appear to be very similar. But there are important differences you should keep in mind.

First of all, when people think of the Will overall they think about the power and strength. As if they are swimming against the current. Or as they try to move its car by pushing from behind.

They consider it only in its power dimension. Of going against something. Of intense struggle.

Yet, when the Will is used correctly, you won’t feel struggle or pain.

It’s much more harmonious and congruent. Like everything is aligned.

The old concept of the “Victorian Will” has no place here.

The Will in itself is the most intimate function that connects with our self. It’s our pure self-consciousness.

It’s hard to communicate with words, but it’s the connection with our true “I”.

The “Will Power” it’s the strength and intensity of the Will. The “fire”. Usually the most well known aspect of the Will and what everyone wrongly thinks when the Will is brought up as a subject.

But it’s still only one in many aspects. Sure, you need the power, but you need more traits of the Will.

That’s where the Will State comes in.

The Will state is a way to apply our Will in it’s full capacity. A way to truly connect with it

It’s the application of our Will in a way that links our body, mind and energy.

When you use it, you override the automatic aspects of your body, mind and energy with your “Will” with the connection to your self.

It’s an harmonious and fully conscious state. Not of effort, but of congruence and flow.

The “Will” definition above is mostly theoretical, but in here, it’s fully practical. You don’t need to understand any of the theory. You only need to train it.

I’ve written before about the Will State, so you can read more about it here, here and here.

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