Wiping out your own Will

You can look around you and you can notice that most people have a desire to not just ignore the Will, but actually make it vanish! Wipe it out!
The less responsibility they have in their lives, decisions and outcomes the better.
You can see this in behaviors like addictions to social media and internet… where your Will is pretty much nil as the algorithms decide pretty much everything for you.
You can also see it in the way people talk about their own lives… where everything that happens is either someone else’s fault, or somehow “happened” to them.
Yes, it’s true that there are random events that happen to you. But you can always choose your own reactions to these random events.
You can’t really say that the Covid-19 is something under your responsibility or anyone else’s for that matter. So this is an example of a random life event.
And we saw people during this period: getting depressed or happier, getting richer or poorer, getting fitter or fatter, getting more focused or more distracted, and so on.
Some people thrived with it, others struggled.
The polarities were prevalent and I’m sure that you’ve seen this in your life or in your friends and acquaintances lives.
Either way, you can’t choose these type of random events – whether global, local, or individual – that happen to you, but you can choose your own reactions and behaviors. We saw many businesses going bankrupt, while others re-invented themselves and thrived.
I’m not saying there’s a right or a wrong path. You know your own individual circumstances better than me or anyone else.
But remember that ultimately, you have the responsibility on where you end up in life. And this responsibility is created through dozens, hundreds and thousands of very small decisions of your daily life – not just the major ones.
Will you stay in bed longer? Will you open your instagram feed? Will you stop working earlier today? And so on and so on.
None of these will be a big deal on any given day, but when they pile up at the end of a month, year, decade, they become a huge part of your life.
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